Shipping your puppy

For the safe and comfortable transportation of your puppy Camelot Weimaraner uses, solely, Continental Airlines PetSafe program - th key features of the program are detailed below:

Continental's PetSafe program will allow pets that previously traveled as checked baggage to experience these safeguards when they travel as cargo, keeping them safe and their owners reassured:

* Dedicated 24-hour Live Animal Desk (800.575.3335 or 832.235.1541)
* Confirmed booking prior to departure
* Weather conditions constantly monitored at all points
* The ability to track and trace the animal from its origin to its destination
* Personal handling in climate-controlled vehicles for connections over Continental's hubs when the animal will be exposed to temperatures above 85°F (29.5°C) degrees for more than 45 minutes
* Continental recommends (but does not require) that SENIOR DOGS AND CATS (over 7.5 years old) receive a more extensive health examination (i.e. liver and kidney screens).

More details about PetSafe can be found here:

Call or email Sue to discuss the best methods and the 'how tos" of the safe transportation of 'your' Camelot Weimaraner puppy.

Call:(401) 207-6922


All shipping costs are the responsibility of the new owner

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